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This philanthropic aspect of Catwalk Pros is deeply rooted in youth mentorship and development. I am frequently asked, “Why do I do this?” The answer lies in the countless lives we have mentored and inspired. From training models on the runway to nurturing their confidence and self-esteem, our mission is to empower young individuals. This has been our unwavering commitment for many years.

Although I may not have been blessed with children of my own, I strongly believe that mentoring these young people is my purpose in life. Perhaps it is the path that God has laid out for me. I trust in divine guidance and it feels like the right thing to do.

It’s difficult to put into words the emotional connection I feel towards this endeavor. It goes beyond mere words or logic. This work is driven purely by the heart. It is a labor of love—a dedication that stems from the deepest parts of my being.

Together, through our labor of love, we are making a positive impact on the lives of these young individuals, nurturing their dreams and helping them flourish.

Sandra Ward


CatwalkPros Academy

Our mission is to utilize fashion as a vehicle to provide young people with the necessary tools to help build their confidence and self-esteem regardless of the career path they choose.


CatwalkPros Academy

CatWalk Pros Academy, Inc. is a South Florida based non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. Our purpose is to use fashion to empower, educate and inspire young people living in underserved communities by developing personal growth through life skills, leadership training, fashion workshops, model mentorships, event productions, and community service projects.

We are committed to developing future generations to be confident, capable, and productive people who are equipped with the skills, support, and resources to pursue their dreams.

Board members

Fashion Professionals

Sandra Ward

Chair of the Board

Hailing from Panama, Central America, Sandra Ward emerged as an ardent advocate of fashion and design. Her passion for fashion blossomed during her formative years, leading her to participate in local pageants, talent shows, and fashion events. Encouraged by the belief that she could aspire to be anything she desired, Sandra’s love for fashion continued to flourish. Sandra Ward’s professional…

Shelby Davis

Vice chair

Shelby has over a decade of professional experience in fashion, marketing, strategy and operations management. She has worked for notable brands such as Perry Ellis International, Miami Fashion Week, BMG Models along with CatWalk Pros for 10+years. She received her Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Florida International University and is a graduate of Rollins College Graduate School of Business where…


CatwalkPros Academy
Sustainable Fashion

Tierra Viento Fuego

April 22, 2023
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A masquerade fund raiser

Behind Every Mask

Sunday October 29, 2023


From our catwalkers

Catwalkpros has helped me to pursue my career and my dream as becoming a Victoria Secret model. I would really love to help bring inspiration to other young girls who have the same dreams as I have.



Three years ago I was in search of   program to help my daughter, Madison, as she was struggling with self-confidence. A friend suggested Catwalk Pros Model Etiquette/Training classes. Thanks to Catwalk Pros for helping her to believe in herself and recognizing her beauty and talent. You guys are truly exceptional!

Dr. Maylor


My daughter Lily said she learned so much today and really enjoyed the training! I could see improvement today and in the videos posted. Thank you so much. She is really excited!

Lisa Hinders